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To improve the living conditions of orphans and the poor in Myanmar.

To assist with the provisions of food, shelter,water and education for orphaned children in Myanmar

To own or establish a long-term lease of a parcel of land in Myanmar with the intent of building an orphanage and medical clinic.

To raise awareness in Canada of poverty issues in Myanmar and fund raise for the above purposes.

To whenever possible, use local resources (both goods and services) in fulfillment of the above purposes, thus contributing toward easing poverty.

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Our short term goal is to find 20 monthly donors at $30.00 each to fund the orphanage’s monthly financial needs. This money covers the cost of food, charcoal, medical, education, transportation, and clothing for the 19 children currently residing at the orphanage.

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  1. Marian says:

    My trip to Myanmar and subsequent visits to the orphanages were most eye opening. Pastors Joshua and Didim welcomed me to Yangon by visiting me upon arrival. I had transported a large suitcase of school supplies, clothing, bandages, and ointments to Yangon from Winnipeg. My intent was to divide the items between the two orphanages, and when Joshua and Didim arrived at my hotel and saw what I had brought with me, they were most expressive in their appreciation and thankfulness.

    On my first day, I visited pastor Joshua’s orphanage in the Dalla township located across the river. We crossed the river by ferry and then took a bicycle rickshaw for the remainder of the trip. Living conditions in Dalla are challenging at best, as poverty blankets the area. Upon arrival at the orphanage, I was greeted by 24 beautiful children who lined up to shake my hand and then grouped together to sing several songs for me. Joshua had kept them out of school for the day just to greet this weary Caucasian from half way around the world. It was most touching. Eventually, we were all seated and the questions began. How old am I? Am I married? How many children do I have? What is snow? What is hockey? What is a snowman? Do yo have water to drink? Who are some Canadian celebrities? What is McDonald’s? How big is Canada? And on and on for approx. one hour. I was beginning to feel quite ambassadorial. They served me a meal which by their standards was quite special and I felt honoured. It is truly amazing how much they can do with so little available to them.

    On my third day in Yangon, I visited Pastor Didim and her husband pastor David. Their orphanage is located approx. one hour by taxi in the outskirts of Yangon. A somewhat rough ride getting there and again located in an area where poverty is the norm. For many, simply buying a few cups of rice for a meal will stretch their resources. David and Didim have a somewhat larger dwelling than Joshua, but also take care of 24 orphan children in addition to two of their own. They have a small shop out front where they sell water, rice, charcoal, and some snack items. Being a Sunday, they invited me to join them in their worship service and share with them my personal faith story. The singing was most robust as the children enthusiastically joined in the music. Eventually, I became the object of another quiz session and much like my previous session, I was inundated with questions about my personal life and about Canada. And again, I was privileged to share a meal with them. Their generosity and friendship will stay with me for a very long time. Much longer than visiting some of the main tourist sites in Yangon. Should I ever have the opportunity of returning to Yangon, it would very much be my privilege to visit these wonderful, caring people again.
    E.E., September 2015

  2. marian says:

    This is a letter from Rosaria, who visited us in Yangon in December of 2015:
    “Hi Joshua, Marian and Stephen,

    Myanmar is a beautiful country and i hope to be back one day.
    I hope you bought nice present for the children 🙂
    We are very very happy to meet your big family, your house is full of happiness and positive energy.
    The children are so well educated and amazing, we were very impressed, you did a very good job with them.
    Taking care of all of them must be hard work!
    Marian and Stephen, I will send you some photos as soon as i get them ready.
    Hopefully I can do a few donations in the future, trough your website, for Pastor Joshua and the children.
    Thank you Rosaria for your kind letter!

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