The Aid Myanmar Society started as a personal vision for founder Stephen Fortner in the Summer of 2012. Earlier that year, Stephen and his wife, Marian, had visited Myanmar and discovered a small orphanage in the Dalla Township, across the river from Yangon, Myanmar. This orphanage housed 18 children and was administered by Thang Khup and his wife Ruth. As of 2015 there are 27 residents at the Hope Centre for Child Development.

Stephen and Marian returned the following year bearing water purification kits and decided to make a commitment to support the Hope Centre for Child Development by creating this B.C. registered non-profit society. Aid Myanmar’s goals are food, water, housing, security, education and health for these children.  Ultimately, Aid Myanmar will develop a social enterprise for the local orphanage to become self-sufficient.

As of 2015, Aid Myanmar also supports the New Life Orphan Home in North Dagon, home to 25 children and administered by Pastors David and Didim Zo.

Help us to help Myanmar by donating today! The 3,000 dollars mentioned in the video was a target for a fund raising campaign. We appreciate all donations regardless of their size! Click on the donate button below! Thank you!


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  1. Raymonde&Irene says:

    Dearest Marian and Stephen,
    Just a note to let you know how privileged and delighted we were to meet Pastor Joshua , his wife and the children of the orphanage in Dala, Myanmar.

    As donors and having been able to see first hand the orphanage, we are encouraged to see the achievement, the organization and the warmth in this peaceful place.
    It is always reassuring to actually see where the donations are being used: for the betterment of these children.
    Due to these donations, we see how these children are receiving education, love, compassion, a sense of belonging and a future. Without the sacrifices of Pastor Joshua and his wife this would not be possible.
    In other words, we thank God for putting in our hearts the desire to help others on the other side of our world.
    Thank you Marian and Stephen for allowing God to fuel and direct your passion to be an integral part of this mission and this project.
    May the love of Christ continue to flow through us even in some small way.
    Irene and Raymonde=

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