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We are hoping to fundraise through the following mechanisms:

  1. Monthly donors
  2. Pro bono goods and services for Aid Myanmar and the orphanage
  3. Crowd funding: e.g. Indiegogo
  4. Community service groups

Donations can be made via Paypal.

Interac E-Transfer (send your donation to
Cheques can be made out to:

The Aid Myanmar Society, c/o 452 Constance Avenue,
Victoria, B.C., Canada,
V9A 6N3


All moneys sent to Myanmar are accounted for on a monthly basis and we publish this in our monthly newsletter. Please sign up at


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  1. Ernest Epp says:

    Is aidmyanmar registered to issue tax receipts?

    • Marian says:

      Aid Myanmar is a registered non-profit society in the province of British Columbia, Canada. As of yet, we cannot yet provide Revenue Canada approved tax receipts, but rest assured any donations will be recognized at the level of the Most High!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Dear Aid Myanmar; It sounds like you are doing great work for these children. I am all for the empowerment of education, and other things that support learning (i.e. clean water). /// But although possible sponsorships are mentioned, there is no place on the site that shows how to sign up for one. And, how much would it cost? /// Also, it is not clear what this org.’s sponsorship would be like. Letter correspondence w/child? (I would understand if this was not feasible.) Progress reports on the child? // Would it be a “symbolic” sponsorship i.e. it is the cost needed for one child’s needs, but nothing personal on the child? In that case, would it be possible to get progress reports on what the pooled fees are doing to benefit the orphanage and the kids who live there?

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