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Each year since March 2013, we have returned to Dalla to support our “Clean Water Project”. We have set up clean water filter systems at the orphanage of Pastor Joshua and in the homes of surrounding villagers.  Each kit will clean up to 300 gallons of water a day (depending on turbidity)  and will last for 10 years. As a result of our actions in Dalla,  Sawyer International  has invited us to be on their NGO page as the only user of their products in Myanmar. Please visit:

  • NGOs/Sawyer International
  • Our next goal is to find funding to take care of the needs for Pastor Joshua and the 18 children. That works out to roughly $600.00 dollars a month. We have been helping out with that since mid summer 2012.

    After Aid Myanmar is able to supply the necessary money to help Joshua for his monthly needs, then we will look at raising money to establish so called ‘safe housing’ for children. We want to keep the amount of children in these homes to around 30, so that we do not create a warehouse environment.

    We would also like to establish a medical clinic on that property as well. We will also look at education. This may involve funding to train teachers  or fund teachers to teach in rural schools. Many of the ‘orphans’ that end up in Western Orphanages in Yangon are sent there by their parents from villages. They do this because there are no schools in these villages.


    1. A donation of $95 Canadian will provide clean water for one family for 10 (yes TEN) years! Please consider Aid Myanmar for your Christmas giving!

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